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Project Details
Areas of work
Revolutionising the online Sustainable Fashion industry with Birl
In the dynamic landscape of sustainable fashion, Birl emerged as a game-changer, envisioning a shift in how users interact with their favourite brands. This case study explores the transformative journey of Birl's user experience (UX) design, aimed at simplifying sustainable fashion for users worldwide.
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Birl is a startup aiming to revolutionise sustainable fashion by providing a platform where users can trade in their old clothing items for instant credit towards new purchases. The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact, and Birl recognised the need for a solution that promotes circular fashion economy and reduces textile waste. Our challenge was to design a platform that simplifies the trade-in process and encourages users to engage in sustainable fashion practices.
Our Solution
To address this challenge, we developed a MVP platform that streamlines the trade-in process and promotes sustainability. My role as a UX designer involved creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that guides users through the trade-in journey. By focusing on simplicity and speed, we aimed to make sustainable fashion accessible to a wider audience.

Centralised Merchant Management

The Birl Admin App provides a centralised platform for efficient and seamless management of merchants. Birl administrators can easily add or remove merchants, granting or revoking access to the trade-in platform with just a few clicks. This centralized control ensures a streamlined onboarding process, contributing to a hassle-free and organized trade-in ecosystem.

User-Centered approach

Our primary goal was to create a seamless and satisfying user experience that encourages the adoption of sustainable shopping practices. Key objectives included simplifying the trade-in process, clarifying condition grading, and fostering user engagement.

Our Results
The results of the Birl project were highly encouraging. We saw a significant increase in user engagement and trade-in transactions, indicating a growing interest in sustainable fashion practices. User feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with users praising the simplicity and convenience of the platform. By promoting sustainable fashion, Birl has made a positive impact on the environment and contributed to a circular fashion economy.

Increased Traffic

30% increase in successful trade-in transactions.

Streamlined trade-in processes contributed to a substantial surge in user interactions


The streamlined trade-in process contributed to a significant uptick in user interactions, with a noticeable boost in successful transactions.

Customer Experience

25% rise in positive user feedback.

The refined UX design successfully elevated user satisfaction levels.

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The implementation of the refined UX design for Birl yielded impactful results and valuable lessons. Key performance indicators and user feedback post-launch showcased a notable improvement in user engagement and satisfaction. The streamlined trade-in process contributed to a significant uptick in user interactions, with a noticeable boost in successful transactions.

Our Reviews
"They provided us with excellent service and were very responsive."
Eve MacFarlane
Founder, Argyll Coffee Roasters
Our Reviews
They took the time to study our current setup and put forward a suitable solution
Peter Kenny /
Managing Director,
Ideal Textiles
Our Reviews
Project management style has been professional, transparent and collaborative
Emma McConalogue /
Founder, Kesero
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