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Argyll Coffee Roasters

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Pioneering E-Commerce Transformation for Argyll Coffee Roasters
Argyll Coffee Roasters, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, have been enchanting the locale with their meticulously curated coffee blends for years. Their dedication to offering the highest quality beans, matched with an artisanal roasting process, carved a niche, enabling them to cultivate a devout customer base. While their website sufficed in the initial stages of the business, providing information and telling the story of their handcrafted beans, it failed to tap into the burgeoning online market, thereby, stifling their growth potential. In the face of an increasingly digitized world, Argyll sought to amplify their reach, streamline purchasing processes, and fortify customer retention through online avenues.
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Moving Argyll Coffee Roasters to their new Shopify eCommerce platform came with a good bunch of hurdles to clear: First up, we had to make sure we didn’t lose any of our hard-won spot in Google’s search rankings and kept our strong online presence while making the switch. It was crucial to create an easy-to-use and friendly website that reflects the brand's dedication to top-notch quality and genuine authenticity. We had to add in a bunch of new features like subscription services, special business-to-business features, and options for bulk buying, making sure that everything was easy to find and use without making the website too busy or complicated. And, importantly, we made sure that the new online shop kept the same look and feel of the established brand that our customers have come to know and love, ensuring a smooth and familiar shopping experience.
Our Solution
Custom Website Design: We made a special, easy-to-use website design that mixes Argyll's deep-rooted history with a fresh, modern look. We made sure that all customers could easily wander through their wonderful coffee selection, buy their favorites, or sign up for regular deliveries without any hassle.

Features for Businesses and Big Orders:

We added a special area just for businesses, making it easy for them to buy large orders, get custom price quotes, and access exclusive products. We also made sure any customer wanting to place big orders could do so easily, without messing with the normal buying process.

Easy Coffee Subscriptions:

We set up a nifty subscription option, where customers can get their beloved coffee delivered regularly without having to place a new order every time. This not only guarantees steady sales for Argyll but also makes things super convenient for the customer, hopefully keeping them coming back for more!

Our Results
Stronger Online Presence: In simple terms, we blended the classic look with some fresh, new features to make Argyll's website not only more appealing but also to attract more customers – both regular folks who love coffee and businesses looking for quality beans.

Increased Traffic

Increased Sales:

By adding options to buy online, sign up for regular coffee deliveries (subscriptions), and special business buying options, we opened up new ways to make money, boosting the overall sales figures for Argyll.


Built Customer Loyalty:

The hassle-free online ordering and the option to subscribe for regular deliveries made it easy for customers to keep enjoying Argyll's great coffee, making it a regular in homes and businesses and keeping customers loyal to the brand.

Customer Experience

Maintained and Boosted Online Visibility:

During the shift to the new website, we made sure to keep and even boost our visibility on Google and other search engines, ensuring that existing customers could still find us easily and new customers would discover us too.

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The journey through the digital update for Argyll Coffee Roasters wasn’t just about mixing the old with the new online. It was about making buying coffee a breeze for customers of all kinds. By carefully planning and putting these digital changes into action, we’ve helped pour Argyll's spirit far and wide across the internet, brewing up success with each click and every cup.

Our Reviews
"They provided us with excellent service and were very responsive."
Eve MacFarlane
Founder, Argyll Coffee Roasters
Our Reviews
They took the time to study our current setup and put forward a suitable solution
Peter Kenny /
Managing Director,
Ideal Textiles
Our Reviews
Project management style has been professional, transparent and collaborative
Emma McConalogue /
Founder, Kesero
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