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4 min read

What exactly is Google Trends, and how can you put it to use in your marketing strategy

Published on
September 1, 2023
Matthew Collins
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Google Trends is a simple tool that can help you improve your digital strategy by helping you analyse your competition and improve your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google Trends can give your website a competitive edge through smart marketing.

This free tool is very useful for a lot of things, like improving SEO and analysing the market.

In this article, we'll go over the pros, cons, and best ways to use Google Trends as part of your overall marketing plan.

What Exactly is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool that uses real-time data to examine how popular and in-demand Google search terms are.

Google Trends shows a random sample of search requests to Google that have not been sorted or changed in any way. Since the data is anonymised, there is no personal information connected. Instead, the data are grouped, categorised, and linked to the search query topic, not the individual searcher. Since the data are organised by geography and then by topic, you can get down to the city level within a subject.

Google Trends offers two different kinds of sample data:

#1.Data from the last seven days in real-time.

#2. Historical data that covers searches from 2004 up to 72 hours before your query.

How Come Google Trends Only Uses Sample Data?

Even though Google handles billions of searches every day, it only uses sample data in Google Trends so that it can work quickly. Processing the whole set of info would take too long. Google uses a sample data set that is a good representation of the whole data set to get real-time results quickly.

What Makes Google Trends Useful?

You must continually market your company, regardless of whether you have an established eCommerce firm or are just getting started. The foundation for effective marketing is sound research. The following areas can benefit from using Google Trends:

  • Enhance Your Content Strategy
  • Boost your SEO rankings
  • Analyse the competition
  • Discover Content That Is Shareable and Attracts Inbound Links
  • Promote Email Signups by Using Content That Is Relevant
  • Product research and market research
  • Geographical patterns

What Can We Learn from Google Trends?

For your content marketing to stay up-to-date, you need fresh content with interesting points of view. Google Trends can help you figure out what's popular and when, so you can plan your content marketing well.

1. Use Google Trends to find trending topics

To find things that are popular right now, scroll down to the middle of the page and look for "Recently trending." There, you can find the most popular topics of the last week. Check to see if there are any relevant trends you can tie into your content or use to come up with ideas for new content.

2. Use Google Trends to find topics suitable for the season

Google Trends can help you find seasonal terms to help you plan your content and advertising efforts. Do certain holidays, such as Christmas, Black Friday, and Valentine's Day, bring in more revenue for your online store? Or, if you sell safety gear, Hurricane season could be a good time to make money.

Let's look at how Google Trends handles variation. Here, we looked at the search trends for "gifts for mom" over the past five years. The results show that searches for "gifts for mom" are most popular in May (for Mother's Day) and December (during the holiday season).

With this knowledge about search demand, we can see that making content and ads for December might work better since there is more demand at that time. Seasonality can help you plan your content calendar, promotions, and paid search ads, in addition to demand.

3. SEO can be improved and optimised by using Google Trends

Google Trends lets you look up popular keywords and topics so you can improve your SEO approach. This is how:

Find and improve keywords

Google Trends is a good place to start or add to your present keyword research. Google Trends is different from other search tools in that it uses real-time data. This can be very useful for researching keywords. If you already have a list of keywords you want to study, you can put them into Google Trends to learn more. Google Trends doesn't measure the number of searches or how hard a term is, but it does show how keywords perform over time.

Find related topics

Use related themes and related queries, or narrow down by category, to learn more. You can also compare searches to find out how popular they are. It can be seen that users most commonly use the word "best" and the year in their queries. If you're making a blog post, for example, make sure the title includes the word "best" and the year.

Make groups of topics

An effective content marketing plan uses topic clusters, which are groups of content that are all about the same main idea. These groups are often called "pillars." You can make topic clusters with the help of connected topics and queries.

Topic grouping is a good SEO technique that helps you 1. organise your content and 2. improve the links within your own site. Topic clustering helps customers and Google find content, and it can also be used to improve SEO results.

4. Google Trends can help you improve and optimise your local SEO

Google Trends has a powerful tool that lets you see keyword trends by location (worldwide, by country, by subregion, and by city). When you look at term trends based on where you are, you can learn more about your local market and make any changes you need to.

In the "Interest by subregion" part of the page, use the drop-down menu to get to the subregion, or city of your choice. In this case, if you click on any of the cities mentioned, you can get more information if it's available.

How to Use Google Trends to Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

To stay ahead in today's competitive world, you need more than just a good plan. You also need to know how your competitors will act. In the digital age, where content is king, tools like Google Trends can give you a lot of information about what your rivals are doing. Find out how to get ahead of your competitors by learning how to use Google Trends' changing features to keep an eye on them.


Google Trends can help your eCommerce business with its SEO and content marketing. Because the tool is easy to use and flexible, it lets you find more information as you look up keywords and subjects.

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