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Project Details
Areas of work
Crafting a High-Performance E-commerce Solution for Rox
Rox, a leading name in the jewelry retail industry, envisioned building a robust and intuitive online store on an e-commerce platform. The aim was to provide a unique shopping experience for their customers, focusing heavily on site speed and customer experience.
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For this project, our team was presented with a complex, three-part challenge. The first aspect involved the development of a new eCommerce website from the ground up, with a stringent emphasis on achieving optimal site speed and ensuring a seamless user experience. The second part of the challenge was to create a unique, custom ring builder feature that would allow customers to design their own piece of jewellery, providing a personalised touch to their shopping experience. The third and final component of the challenge required us to deliver a robust platform capable of handling high traffic volumes without any compromise on performance, user experience, or site speed. These multifaceted challenges demanded an intricate balance of technical proficiency, creativity, and a deep understanding of the client's specific needs and the industry landscape.
Our Solution
To address these challenges, our team leveraged its expertise in e-commerce platform development, user experience design, and site speed optimisation.

Ecommerce Website Development

We undertook the development of the e-commerce website with a strong focus on site speed and user experience. The front-end was designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring smooth navigation across the site. On the back-end, we used high-performance coding techniques to ensure the website could handle high traffic volumes without any compromise on loading speed or performance.

Custom Ring Builder Feature

Understanding the need for customization in the jewelry industry, we developed a unique ring builder feature. This interactive tool allowed customers to choose from various precious metals, diamonds, designs, and sizes to create a truly personalized ring. The feature also provided real-time price updates as customers made their choices, ensuring transparency in pricing and flexibility for the customer.

Our Results
The new e-commerce platform was well-received by Rox's customers and led to significant improvements in key business metrics:

Increased Traffic

Site speed was improved by 60%, providing a faster and more seamless browsing experience for customers.


The bounce rate was reduced by 35% as a result of the improved user experience and site speed.

Customer Experience

The custom ring builder feature led to a 50% increase in customer engagement and a 40% increase in average order value.

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The new e-commerce platform, with its focus on site speed and customer experience, has significantly enhanced Rox's online presence. The custom ring builder feature has added a unique value proposition, leading to increased customer engagement and higher order values. The successful launch and performance of this website have positioned Rox as a true leader in the online jewellery retail space.

Our Reviews
"They provided us with excellent service and were very responsive."
Eve MacFarlane
Founder, Argyll Coffee Roasters
Our Reviews
They took the time to study our current setup and put forward a suitable solution
Peter Kenny /
Managing Director,
Ideal Textiles
Our Reviews
Project management style has been professional, transparent and collaborative
Emma McConalogue /
Founder, Kesero
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