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Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with LINIAN FireClip
LINIAN is an innovative UK-based company that manufactures electrical fire-rated cable clips under the LINIAN FireClip brand. The company offers over 135 products to make your job faster, safer and simpler.
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Linians mission is to create innovative, UK-manufactured, easy-to-install products that can save time, money and lives. Linian needed a website to allow their customers to quickly discover and buy their products online. This was their first step into the world of eCommerce and they needed a partner to help them achieve their targets and deliver a quality shopping experience, much like their products do.
Our Solution
This was Linians first step into selling their products directly to customers. We worked closely with them to understand their customers’ journey and their business needs to choose the right eCommerce platform. We laid out the customer experience that was in line with the expectation already set by their stellar product range. We also worked with them to understand and integrate existing business processes and systems.

First D2C website

Design and develop a website that works efficiently as a sales tool for their product range for potential customers and distributors. We need to provide the correct custom filtering and navigation layout to present each product variant so it can be easily found based on specific industry needs

Information and education

Find the balance between a sales tool and an information source to educate customers about the products before purchasing. Design hero banners and custom category cards that provide a concise description of each item.

Our Results
The store launched to great success. Our team and the Linian team could not have been more proud of the store we released. The response from customers has been stellar and sales have been extremely encouraging.

Increased Traffic

By maintaining a cohesive brand image and following a consistent messaging strategy, Linian has managed to create strong brand recognition in the minds of their target audience resulting 138% increase in traffic since launch.


Consistency has also translated into measurable business success, as evidenced by Linian's impressive 166% increase in conversion rate since the website launch.

Customer Experience

Our custom hero banner provides an overview of each product and is also the primary source of interaction by site users.

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We continue to work with Linian to improve their store offering and customer experience based on the data we gather from marketing and sales analytics provided by the site

Our Reviews
"They provided us with excellent service and were very responsive."
Eve MacFarlane
Founder, Argyll Coffee Roasters
Our Reviews
They took the time to study our current setup and put forward a suitable solution
Peter Kenny /
Managing Director,
Ideal Textiles
Our Reviews
Project management style has been professional, transparent and collaborative
Emma McConalogue /
Founder, Kesero
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