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Why should you use Shopify to develop your ecommerce business?

Published on
April 14, 2023
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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Shopify is one of the most well-liked ecommerce platforms that are available to businesses. One of the most versatile, feature-rich, and rapidly expanding e-commerce platforms available is Shopify. The Shopify platform is trusted by more than a million ecommerce businesses of all sizes and types in 175 countries. The platform powers all types of online retailers, from brand-new start-ups to large corporations like GymShark, Deliveroo, Huel, and Red Bull.

How much does Shopify cost?

Although Shopify is not free like some of its rivals, we recommend exploring what is included before you consider alternative platforms. Shopify offers businesses a dependable, secure, and scalable platform that constantly boosts online performance and sales. With the platform, reporting, analytics, and automation are unparalleled—things you didn't even realise you needed until you didn't! You can test out Shopify for the first 14 days for free, so you don't have to take our word for it.

Fees for Shopify start at £25 per month for the "Basic Shopify" plan and tier up to the "Advanced Shopify" plan, which has the highest pricing at £344 per month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Shopify plan at any moment as long as you pay monthly rather than annually. Shopify accounts are extremely flexible. By using Shopify's payment gateway, a minor transaction fee of between 1.5% and 2.2% plus 20p is applied to each transaction. Depending on your plan, you will pay a fee of 0.5% to 2.0% if you decide to use a third-party payment gateway.

If your business requires more than a small to medium business can offer, Shopify Plus, the enterprise business platform designed for fast growing, high turnover brands, may be the solution for giving your customers a dependable, safe, and superior online shopping experience.

The basic Shopify product is the focus of this article; however, if you're interested in learning more about Shopify Plus, visit here. Discover the differences between Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify as we examine the Shopify pricing categories.

Basic Shopify Plan

The most affordable option if you have a wide selection of products is the basic Shopify plan, which costs £25 per month and lets you sell an unlimited amount of items. Although Shopify still offers telephone assistance if you need to, additional advanced services like reports, abandoned cart recovery emails, and third-party shipping computations are not included.

The Shopify Plan

The "Shopify" package, which costs £65 more, includes a variety of other capabilities. With this package, there is a lower fee for credit card payments, and you will have access to expert reports that will help you analyse and plan your business by letting you look more deeply into your online store's data.

Advanced Shopify

With a £344 price tag, this plan is the most pricey of the three, but it also offers the lowest credit card payment rate and the option to have a third party handle shipment. It also has an advanced report builder that enables you to create unique, polished reports. The largest number of the three is 15 employee accounts that you can have.

Shopify Plus

For businesses in need of a high-performance e-commerce platform, Shopify Plus offers a solution. Its starting price of £1700 a month is obviously a significant increase over the three options previously mentioned. So, what do you get with your extra cash? Instead of just getting standard live chat, email, and phone support, you'll get specialised, priority 24-hour assistance for your store. The Shopify system will be more accessible to your developers for modification, and you also have the choice of adding more clone storefronts to deliver unique stores dependent on location. Modern technology and the most effective features are offered by Shopify Plus.

Shopify's features

Shopify has all the tools you'll need to transform your business from a start-up to a global brand, and as a UK based professional e-commerce web design company, we're here to help you every step of the way with designing, developing, and optimising your Shopify or Shopify Plus e-commerce store.

Shopify Admin keeps you in command

Shopify is popular because of its user-friendly back end, which includes a dashboard that gives merchants access to all the data they need right away. Shopify, in our opinion, is designed so that anyone can use it, from detailed sales figures to effortlessly managing customers, orders, and products without inputting a line of code. With Shopify's incredibly sophisticated content management system (CMS), you don't need to depend on your development team to make basic content changes to your website's photos, sections, and text.

App Store with Many Features

Like Apple and Android, Shopify offers an app store with more than 2,500 apps from reputable technology partners, all of which include features intended to enhance the user experience of your store. Subscription payments, upselling, customer service, inventory management, and other functions are available in the app store. You can truly stay up to date with the latest developments since more and more apps are released every day.   Because of the app store's versatility, Shopify keeps growing stronger as the finest developers in the world create the best apps for you to use.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Marketing

In order to bring new customers to your website, you must have a solid marketing and SEO strategy. The way the website is created (by Shopify) and the marketing and SEO skills of the individual working on the site both have an impact on SEO. You can be confident that Shopify's system won't let you down because it was created with SEO in mind. But, Shopify has sophisticated SEO features that let you modify meta tags, titles, and alt tags. Furthermore, Shopify generates a sitemap automatically that you can submit to Google so that it can crawl every page of your online business.

Selling on Multiple Channels

Designed with your business in mind, Shopify lets you sell your products in multiple locations at once while still managing all of your inventory, orders, and customers from one location - the Shopify admin dashboard. With the e-commerce platform's strong multi-channel interfaces, you can quickly sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Instagram, and even through a blog. As it enables you to broaden your reach, grow audience sizes, and maximise sales, we think it's one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce platform.

Built to be Adaptable and Flexible

Shopify is a very versatile platform that can accommodate the requirements of a business at any stage of development, from one that is just getting started to one that is a global brand and fills thousands of orders an hour. Shopify offers more than 60 pre-built website designs, both free and paid, that you can install with the press of a button and then quickly and easily add products and content to. Shopify enables experienced teams, like ours, to create themes with unique features, functions, and user experiences for larger organisations. Since Shopify offers absolutely limitless potential, your online store won't ever be a hindrance.

Reliable and Secured Shopify Store

Shopify operates every merchant's store on its own highly powerful servers, so you never have to be concerned about your store going down due to a sudden increase in traffic. Shopify has a 99.999% uptime average and has processed more than 10,000 transactions per minute at its busiest. Shopify has limitless bandwidth and can handle one million page views per minute. Security must be a top priority for any e-commerce merchant in the current era of cybercrime. Shopify's PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance ensures reliable security.

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