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What do I need to become a Shopify developer?

Published on
April 20, 2023
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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Shopify is rapidly rising to the top of the list of platforms used by startups and small businesses. Today, every eCommerce business owner wants to create an online store with all the features that will help their operations run more smoothly. Yet, if you lack the technological know-how and skills, it is challenging to make an impact in this competitive environment. They decide to engage a Shopify Developer for this reason.

Professionals that design or market Shopify Themes, Apps, and other services to assist in the expansion of online stores are known as Shopify Developers or Shopify Consultants. For a store to be successful, a Shopify Developer is essential. As technologies and updates advance, you must employ someone who uses cutting-edge techniques and equipment to enhance your store. Becoming a Shopify Developer oneself is another choice for business owners.

What exactly is a Shopify developer? (Shopify Theme / Shopify App )

Shopify developers collaborate with Shopify, the development firm, to provide services such as template customisation and modification. These changes improve the website's functionality or make it more visually appealing. Developers also provide front-end services as well as back-end development and maintenance.

A Shopify developer is an expert that is well-versed in the idea of eCommerce web development. They are skilled in developing a wide range of themes for various genres and Shopify stores. The specialists are also quite knowledgeable about other technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and so on. These technologies are used to construct advanced interfaces, designs, and layouts that are device-independent.

How Does One Become a Shopify eCommerce Developer?

It is not rocket science to become a Shopify developer, but you must put your heart and mind into it. You should be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if you wish to become a Shopify developer. And you should be familiar with the Shopify platform. Let's get started once you are comfortable with these topics and have the required enthusiasm!

As soon as you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as significant-9 experience on Shopify projects, you will never miss this opportunity to become a Shopify developer.

Here are a few suggestions I can provide to assist you to become a Shopify developer quickly:

  • Study the fundamentals of the programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of jQuey at a basic level
  • Understand the basics of the command line
  • Join the community of Shopify developers by creating a free Shopify Partner account at You can then upload and test your Shopify theme using this account (Free with unlimited Shopify store for development)
  • Join the Facebook groups for Shopify developers.

Qualities A Shopify Developer Should Possess

You should learn a few soft skills in addition to technical knowledge if you want to succeed as a Shopify developer.

Good communication skills

The admin dashboard for the Shopify store is hard to use and not user-friendly to newbies. As you are working with your clients, they will question you frequently about how things function, and you will then need to find the best solution for them. As a result, you must be patient and explain things in terms they can comprehend.

Understanding Shopify app development

You must have some understanding of eCommerce or programming if you want to operate as a freelancer or as a developer who owns his own firm. If not, clients won't trust you with critical tasks.

Problem-solving abilities

While resolving bugs on client websites, you must first investigate the issue, look for solutions, and then apply the solutions on the site or within the theme.

Ability to slow down

Knowing when to slow down is essential for long-term success in the field of software development. Slower coding gives you the time to consider the architecture of the system and learn about the dangers of changing it.

Being able to view the source code of a programme

Creating software code in a visual language is essential. A developer's failure to anticipate where the code would lead them often results in software faults, errors, and crashes.

Seek assistance

The willingness to seek assistance rather than trying to control their feelings while encountering code challenges is the final requirement for a successful Shopify developer. No person knows everything, so it's preferable for a developer to ask the right questions up front than to deal with problems later on. Despite the fact that many people attempt to avoid talking about how they felt in the face of a crisis.

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