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What are the main advantages of upgrading to Shopify Plus? Benefits of Shopify Plus

Published on
March 17, 2023
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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Shopify Plus is an excellent ecommerce technology that enables online brands to remain versatile, economical, and dependable. In 2016, Shopify Plus stores had a sales growth of 126%. Brands have independence and freedom thanks to Shopify Plus's limitless bandwidth, dependable servers, and complete payment compatibility.

As a result, you can focus more on what you do best—creating fantastic products and offering top-notch customer service—while spending less time worrying about your ecommerce platform problems.

The advantages of Shopify Plus for your brand are outlined below.

#1. Fully Functional and Reliable

You will get scalable SaaS hosting with Shopify Plus's unlimited bandwidth, which will make your brand's website fully functional and reliable. Four million hits per second and 99.99 per cent uptime are supported by Shopify Plus. Hence, without having to worry about your servers failing in the middle of a transaction, your website may process 8,000 orders every minute. You can be sure that customers will continue to find your site consistent. Furthermore, you will also get 200TB of storage for your clients.

#2. Exclusive Customisation

Some of the most outstanding websites available today on the internet are those offered by Shopify. The sites are automatically responsive and require no work on your part. Then, you can customise your theme to whichever you like. You can change the text on your homepage as well as the layout, menus, colours, and font.

For major businesses wishing to maintain their exclusivity and competitive edge, Shopify Plus may offer a one-of-a-kind website theme customised to your brand's particular requirements using CSS and complete JavaScript control. With the help of this function, you may design whatever kind of website you want with approaches that promote optimisation—even in the checkout area.

#3. Optimisation For Unlimited High-traffic Days (unlimited bandwidth launchpad)

When you want to launch a product, make major changes to the site, or run a flash sale, Shopify Plus offers Launchpad, which is specifically designed to handle high traffic flow. A wide range of events, such as particular theme changes and unique pricing visibility of particular merchandise, will be possible for you to plan. To generate excitement for your event, you might lock your shop for a predetermined period of time. Captchas can also be used throughout the checkout process to stop unwanted bots from getting access to your events. You will also gain access to a real-time analytics dashboard to monitor the progress of your activity.

#4. Merchant Success Manager

You will have a success manager assigned to you as a Shopify Plus merchant who is committed to helping you with all different aspects of the platform to ensure a successful launch. Your success manager will call you and send you personalised emails every two months with information on new Shopify Plus capabilities, especially those that are time-sensitive.

There will be a significant discounting feature on your website. Numerous discounts, such as free shipping, free gifts with purchases, percentage discounts, tiered pricing, BOGO sales, and bundled products, can be set up.

You will also be able to use the Script Editor. This allows programmers to create unique scripts that Shopify will host. This enables developers and store owners to include unique scripts in the company website for the brand.

#5. Intelligent App Integration Automation

You already have a wide range of features required to run an online shop with Shopify. You may want to incorporate some complex features into your business as your website expands. Because Shopify works with over 1,100 developers, the integration process is simplified even further. The apps are thoroughly monitored by the team at Shopify. In order to find out which applications are most successful for companies like your own, you can also score the apps using a star rating system.

Apps are available to help with wholesale customers, special offers, discounts, and accounting, marketing, customer support, and inventory management. With Shopify Plus, you get higher API limitations that make it easier to integrate apps and ERP. Without worrying about exceeding your API limitations, you may easily integrate several apps. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently establish any connections.

#6. Shopify Payment Integration - Shopify POS - Shopify Pay

With Shopify Pay, customers can save their billing and shipping information for a faster checkout the next time they visit your website. This tool simplifies the checkout procedure by cutting the number of form fields from 16 to just 2. This has a major positive impact on mobile conversion.

#7. Wholesale Management Upgrade

During Unite 2017, Shopify introduced its latest wholesale platform. This was in response to the dearth of wholesale merchant accommodations. The new wholesale platform gives merchants the ability to operate a wholesale store in addition to their existing Shopify account.

#8. Unique Mobile Store Builder

A mobile store builder is presently available only to Shopify Plus subscribers. This makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technical ability, to create iOS and Android apps. This feature is important if you lack the resources to completely develop an app.

#9. Customising the Workflow

Shopify Plus includes Flow, an automation platform that makes it simple to manage the backend of your business, such as inventory or order administration, without having to spend money developing a system from scratch. You can experiment with a range of changes with Flow to help boost your productivity in addition to automating tasks and integrating it with other applications.

Shopify Plus Users: Who Are They?

Some of the most well-known brands in the world use Shopify Plus to make their stores more efficient and customer-friendly. Some of the most famous users are listed here.


Two Australians, Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, invested $20,000 of their own funds in their goal to rule the oral care industry in 2014. The at-home teeth-whitening system HiSmile has Shopify Plus built into its operating system. HiSmile increased their $20,000 investment to almost $130,000 in total revenues with Shopify Plus. During the 2018 holiday season, they made $5 million in sales in a single week. They distributed goods to 182 nations and swiftly reached a valuation of $300 million.


With the help of the well-liked HGTV programme Fixer Upper, the leading Magnolia brand has completely changed homes all across the country. After the success of the show, Waco, Texas's resident stars Chip and Joanna Gaines became more well-known. They were planning on creating an app that would enable people to virtually place Magnolia products in their homes to see how they would appear since not everyone could readily visit their large physical store.

This app, which will transform the Magnolia experience, was developed in close collaboration between Magnolia and the Shopify Plus AR team. It improved users' purchasing experiences by enabling product previews and a simple checkout process.


Ben Francis, the creator of Gymshark, switched from a subpar platform to Shopify Plus in order to better handle traffic spikes. Francis previously invested tens of thousands of dollars to build a storefront, only to outgrow the space very quickly. Francis would have had to create a new site from scratch with the prior platform, which would have taken about a year to finish.

Francis instead came to Shopify Plus to create a website that can expand as needed and grow as the business does. Thanks to Shopify's POS system, Gymshark provides customers with engaging online and offline experiences.

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