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How Can Influencer Marketing Increase Shopify Sales?

Published on
November 20, 2022
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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With the rise of the digital era, Digital Marketing is changing how we advertise and market brands. Digital Marketing plans are now recognised as the heart and soul of branding initiatives. Collaborations with influencers have become an essential aspect of Digital Marketing strategy as new content providers emerge on a daily basis. Influencer marketing is being used by Shopify sellers as well as retailers to improve Shopify sales.

The key to Influencer Marketing is not to sell items or services but to sell the brand's legitimacy, to the potential customer.

Does this seem appealing? Then, simply scroll down to learn more about Influencer Marketing.

What exactly is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that involves collaborating with individuals that have millions of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter. These social media influencers are often seen as industry specialists who can influence their followers' purchasing decisions.

A lot of businesses work with influencers to market their products and services. These influencers may create material through sponsored posts, videos, or even stories.

Today, both physical and online merchants are cooperating with influencers to reach a highly engaged audience that is more likely to believe these experts' product recommendations. Shopify businesses have begun cooperating with these content providers in order to grow their sales and customers on Shopify.

How Can Influencer Marketing Campaign Increase Shopify Sales?

Product Reviews

The majority of shoppers look to influencers to research new companies or items. These content makers showcase your product's unique selling points (USPs) using multi-channel media like podcasts, videos, interviews, and even blog articles.

They offer honest reviews rather than merely general endorsements. This increases trust, engagement, and confidence and may even help you boost Shopify sales.

An event involving Influencers

Influencers can increase engagement for your business by participating in an event and giveaway projects. These campaigns are a more effective technique to reach potential buyers for newly introduced companies or products. Shopify sellers can run a promotion, or influencers can even co-host a giveaway where both parties decide on the terms and rewards. Participants in the contests are required to share the post on their profile with their followers and tag a friend in it.

As a result, Shopify companies are able to post user-generated content on their channels and increase the number of people who visit their online stores. This helps retailers on Shopify increase sales in an indirect way.

Unboxing Product Experience

In the modern world, unboxing experiences are much more than a trend. These videos exploded on YouTube in the late 2000s and are now dominating the Instagram market as well, with a lot of content being created every day. Today, influencers and Shopify sellers work together to produce these videos in which the influencers discuss their experiences shopping at the Shopify store.

Due to the increased trust in influencer recommendations, Shopify store owners are making product unboxing videos to present the products from various perspectives. By discussing the packaging, items, pricing, offers, and shopping experience, these content creators assist Shopify sellers in generating sales on the platform.

Participate in live broadcast interviews

To promote Shopify Sales, Shopify Sellers conducted live interviews with Content Creators. The influencers are asked to participate and broadcast live from their social media profiles by the Shopify store owners. The influencers can discuss their shopping experiences at your business, discounts and deals that are available, free shipping, return and replacement policies, and more in these interviews. They can also increase engagement for your brand by responding to audience questions.

These influencers are able to educate the audience on how to use your Shopify app from installation to registration, shopping to payment, through a live session or an interview. By establishing a sense of authenticity and trust among the brands, this strategy helps sellers in increasing their Shopify sales.

Promo Codes to Influencers

One of the simplest ways to boost sales on Shopify is to provide discount codes to influencers. Influencers are used in this technique to distribute discounts or promo codes. Find an influencer in your market and give them a limited-time discount deal to promote to their followers.

The time limit gives your products an extra sense of urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly or buy the items. The following is a list of some popular discounts you can provide to get customers to your store:

  • Boost sales by offering a certain percentage off of the products
  • Offer shipping promotions for the initial purchases.
  • Give discounts for large quantities of orders

Invite the influencers to the community via the Shopify Collabs app to start the process of creating discount codes. The Shopify Collabs tool quickly generates the discount code and assigns it to the influencers to share with their core audience and followers after adding a creative to the list of affiliate tiers.

  • Access the affiliates tab.
  • Choose the Tiers
  • Enter the tier name.
  • Include the affiliates

The influencer will be informed about the offer after the discount code is created. However, Shopify sellers should email or direct message the codes to validate them.

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