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Google Trends UK: Summer 2023

Published on
April 26, 2023
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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The travel industry has been on a real rollercoaster over the last two years but following Google Search Trends suggest that travellers and holidaymakers are back in the exploratory mindset. Now is one of the best opportunities for the industry to reconnect with customers, regain lost loyalty and recapture market share.

We summarise important data from recent consumer trends and surveys that will benefit eCommerce businesses in the travel sector and beyond.

Latest search insights on summer

The main search term people use is 'When does summer start?' as they are desperate to get into the sun.

Source: Google Trends

This translates into consumer behaviours trying to bring in summer in their own ways. For example, looking for summer house ideas, preparing to purchase summer-appropriate fashion, refreshing drink ideas and changing into summer fragrances.

Source: Google Micropeaks 3

Travel trends

Over the past 5 years search term ‘flights to anywhere' have increased. People are desperate to get away from the UK, no matter the destination.

Source: Google Trends

The latest data from the European Travel Commission (Feb 2023) suggests that 75% of Europeans are planning to spend more on travel than in 2022. This was also the second-best performing category after Grocery, making Travel an essential service. Based on Google's latest Ipsos study results, consumers view holidays as essential for mental health so they will still go on holiday but choose a slightly scaled-down version of it.

Google Ipsos study on travel behaviour

Despite the concerns over the economy, people book travel while making cut-backs somewhere else in their expenses. Google's Ipsos study also shows data that consumers will choose a cheap deal over the destination to make sure they go on that holiday.

Google Ipsos study on travel behaviour

eCommerce products that are helpful

Where do eCommerce trends come in summer 2023? Consumers are in the mindset of doing anything to get some sun but do it in a much more affordable way. One of the biggest search trends that have been growing in the past few years for 'packing cubes', compression packing cubes' that help you fit more into your luggage. And consumers will do anything not to pay for that extra luggage.

Source: Google Trends

Think of your business as someone helping travellers save. This will also translate into summer content you can start preparing now. Based on the search trends customers will be looking for ways to save on travel, ideas on 'how to pack light' and use items that help pack all travel essentials into one suitcase.

Make sure to add helpful content to your regular social media posts schedule this summer:

  1. How can consumers use your products to help them travel or save money (i.e. packing cubes, thin light clothes that fold and don't take up space etc.)
  2. Travel hacks and cheap destination inspiration
  3. Airport hacks and tips
  4. Alternative holiday ideas (e.g. staycation vs. longhaul)

To summarise, Summer of 2023 consumer behaviour will be focused on cheap and scaled-down holidays to unwind and get themselves out in the sun. This means eCommerce businesses should focus on 'affordable' keywords and products that will help consumers save money while still enjoying the getaway. Do invest time in creating content that will provide value by helping your customers. This will grow customer loyalty and show that you care about what's going on in the current economy.

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