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Google Trends UK: Home & Garden

Published on
April 10, 2023
Gabriele Rucinskaite
Marketing Executive
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According to Google Consumer Survey (Jan 2023), most consumers in the UK will enjoy the start of the Spring 2023 holiday season at home. 

  • 62% won’t travel during Easter/May bank holidays this year
  • 55% of those who won’t travel agree that the cost of living crisis has affected their decision
  • 30% of consumer spending during Easter was on in-home food and drink categories. (Mintel seasonal shopping report Spring/Summer 2022, UK).

A homey Spring creates the opportunity to provide goods in the Home and Garden categories which will be searched the most during this season.

A Social House

The Homewares category has undergone dramatic changes during the pandemic. During its early stages, we focused on creating the perfect home office; now consumers are looking for spaces where they can socialise and feel comfortable at home.

Source: Maintel Group Ltd. Market Reports, Furniture Retailing Marketing Report - UK, 2022

The proportion of consumers purchasing furniture for the living room maintained at 49% in the past year. Outside of the living room, engagement in every other room returned to the patterns seen pre-pandemic.

Shopping Online

Consumers have remained open and confident when thinking about where and how to buy, they are purchasing more from online-only retailers. Consumers no longer need to go find the products in person; they buy furniture from non-specialist retailers more often than before the pandemic and will actively look for ways to save money in 2023.

Source: Maintel Group Ltd. Market Reports, Furniture Retailing Marketing Report - UK, 2022

Furniture Shoppers will browse actively in 2023

  • 65% will actively look for ways to save money on furniture in the next 12 months
  • 55% would be more confident purchasing from an online-only retailer now compared to before the pandemic.
  • 47% would be more confident purchasing furniture from a non-specialist retailer now compared to before the pandemic.

Search trends

Many consumers will really be feeling the pinch from the cost of living crisis this year. Over a third (36%) are feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis and are planning on spending less.

‘Cheap’ search modifier (descriptive world used to help clarify the search result) is increasingly coming up in search term reports which means consumers are conscious about reducing their spending costs. There is no data showing that people are cutting back they just want to find a cheaper version of it.

MicroPeaks Insights, Google 2023

What's interesting is people are also looking at the ‘cheapest’ as a modifier so online users are really trying to find the best bargain there is for their shopping needs.

A large part of Britons will stay at home during Spring bank holidays and they are looking for brands to help them with affordable and creative options to lift their homes.

We cannot stress enough the importance of building an emotional relationship with your customers this year. By doing so, you are not only creating loyal customers but also brand advocates who will spread the word about your products or services. Showing up early in the discovery phase is crucial to capturing your customers' attention and showcasing your range of options. Utilising automated visual formats though ad platforms is another powerful tool that can win over consumers and create a meaningful connection. By embracing new technologies and finding innovative ways to engage with your customers, you can set your brand apart from the competition and build a lasting relationship with your audience. So, take this moment to inspire your customers and show them how much you value their loyalty.

Consumers in the UK will be staying at home during the Spring 2023 holiday season. Brands in the Home and Garden categories have an opportunity to provide affordable and creative options for consumers looking to refresh their living spaces. Consumers are actively looking for ways to save money on furniture and are more confident in purchasing from online-only and non-specialist retailers. Brands that can offer value for money and cater to the trend of "cheap" and "cheapest" search modifiers will likely see the most success in this market.

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