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8 mins read

4 most useful apps for Shopify stores

Published on
December 7, 2022
Matthew Collins
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Correct initial store set-up is essential. We have listed just a few of the most useful Shopify Apps that can enhance your store management, overall site UX and generate you more revenue.

@spectrecreative 4 Shopify apps that we recommend for anyone trying to enhance their e-commerce store customer experience. It can be overwhelming to choose the right app thought the app store. We recommend to first cover the most useful basics - Matrixify, Shopify Email, Search & Discovery and Digital Downloads. #shopify #ecommerce #shopifytips #ecommercewebsitedesign ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) - Dusty Sky

1. Matrixify

Matrixify allows you to bulk import export and update products by filling in the relevant information into a pre-built CSV file. It offers tiered payment options while the free tier will cover most standard eCommerce stores.

Matrixify App

2. Shopify Email

This application allows you to better customise your emails with templates to serve every occasion. Set timed emails, personalised emails that give your customers a more tailored experienced. Add express checkout buttons to let customers buy products directly from emails with just a few clicks.

The best option for small businesses starting with email marketing as Shopify Email provides 10000 monthly email sends (manual or automated) for free.

Shopify Email App

3. Search & Discovery

Shopify Search & Discovery application has features that can help you grow your revenue by enhancing the customer experience when searching for or viewing a product.

Increase average sale value with custom recommendations added to product pages.

Search & Discovery

4. Digital Downloads

For those who want to sell a digital product, the Digital Downloads app by Shopify allows doing so by linking digital attachments to a product or product variant. This allows your customers to directly get a download link after they have checked out.

Digital Downloads App

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